Existing Building


This is a 25,400 Sq Ft. rectangular concrete building with paved parking and a free-standing lit sign. Both the property and the sign can be easily seen from US-Highway 10 & 61 which borders the property.

Click Here for a PDF of the Building Plans.
This building was originally built as a roller-skating rink before the conversion to a nightclub in the mid 1980s. It has been used as a night club for the past 22 years. The nightclub changed names 3 times over its 22 year history. It started out as After the Gold Rush then its name changed to Rodeo and finally The Rush before ultimately closing its doors in late 2007



As a nightclub, this building has maintained a liquor license for 22 years. It also has a 1,500 person capacity. Although this building worked well as a nightclub, it has many other possible uses such as a liquor store or auto showroom and is currently available for lease. With minor modifications, it can be converted to a host of other possible uses.